About Us

Enfield Academy was established in 2001 by Chief Instructor Sensei Paul Bosley.

Sensei Paul has a wealth of Martial Arts experience and has dedicated his life to the Fighting Arts.

Sensei Paul’s career spans 30 years and in that time he has gained knowledge in many different Fighting Arts ranging from Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Kung Fu, Karate and Kickboxing. His infectious enthusiasm and constant encouragement is why the academies classes are so popular. A unique understanding of each individual’s requirements enables him to get the very best from each student.

Kickboxing is an interactive fighting sport that uses traditional boxing techniques along with a variety of kicks above the waist. We use a variety of teaching methods that make our classes fun and challenging to all, each student is treated as an individual and trained accordingly.

There’s a 10 belt grading system from beginner to 1st Dan black belt which will take on average 4-5 years to complete. Although this seems like a long time, there is a great deal of knowledge, experience and fitness to gain, which unfortunately doesn’t happen over night.

To compliment our Kickboxing skills the syllabus has a strong self defence content. This will ensure you give yourself the best possible chance should you ever need to defend yourself.

Enfield Kickboxing Academy has a dedicated team of professional instructors who teach well over 100 people a week. All of our Instructors have been taught by Sensei Paul and have been hand picked for their unique individual teaching ability. They are all insured and CRB checked

We offer a range of classes to suit everyone:

Tiny Tigers – Toddlers from 3-7 years old

These disciplined classes are fun and varied, our instructors use many games and techniques to engage the children on all levels mental and physical. Along side the essential Martial arts, they learn important life skills giving them a head start in today’s competitive world.

Juniors – Children 7-12 years old

Our popular children’s classes are fun and varied ensuring we keep the children focused on why they are with us. We introduce good technique, the grading system and sparring, this enables your child to enjoy physical activity in a disciplined environment.

The classes will also increase confidence to help combat bullying, help to prevent obesity and you never know, start your child along the road to becoming the next World Champion!

Seniors – 13 years and up

Our senior classes enable a wide variety of people from all walks of life to come together on an equal footing and enjoy our Martial Arts.

Technique Classes

The Technique classes ensure that you always practice old, current and new skills ensuring that you progress through our grading system.

Pad Work Classes

The pad work classes enable real application of the skills learnt and develop confidence in your ability.

An infinite number of drills and methods used will keep everyone on their toes and whether a complete beginner or established competitor the pads will always challenge you.

Sparring Classes (optional)

Sparring is where it all comes together and whether your into Points, Continuous or Full Contact, there is something for everyone.