Our techniques classes are non contact. The aim is to learn, practice and perfect particular kicks, blocks and strikes. You will do this on your own, against a partner, and in shadow boxing format (without a partner)

Techniques form part of the grading process and you will demonstrate them as you progress. (view techniques class schedule)

Perfecting the technique
Pad Work

These classes are non contact. They are designed so that you can practice the techniques you have already learned against the pads. We use focus mitts and Kick shields which you can hit as hard as you like, making the techniques more practical and real without the fear of getting hit back.

This is one of our most popular classes, as it is as real as you are going to get to fight without getting hit. You get a great sense of achievement from hitting the pads correctly, a fantastic work out and it is also a great stress reliever. (view pad work class schedule)

Padwork in action

These are the classes where you actually fight each other. All students must wear safety equipment to take part which makes the activity extremely safe. The contact levels range from hardly hitting each other to full contact and you choose what you want from your training. If you want to learn how to fight properly you must spar, but it is carried out in a safe and controlled environment and everyone can do it. If you wish to compete however, you must fight with contact otherwise you are never going to win. If you don’t want to spar that is fine to, you don’t have to, you will be able to practice something else instead (view sparring class schedule)

Sparring - putting the theory into practice

All classes have an element of fitness, the training can be quite strenuous but it is essential if you want to progress with this sport. All classes are designed in such a way that you don’t have to be fit to join, part of our job is to get you fit, everyone must start somewhere. What we can promise you, is that after a few weeks training you will be a lot fitter than you are now! We encourage all new people to take as much rest as they like to begin with, then after a few weeks we will start motivating you so that you get fitter, stronger and better at your kickboxing. If competing is your thing that’s a different story, you have to be incredibly fit, and we have systems in place that can get you to your peak.


We have a 10 belt grading system from beginner to black belt and it takes the average student approximately 4 years to get a black belt with us. Not everyone is on the grading system and you won’t be forced to grade, however, it is a very good way to improve, using short and long term goals to progress